Interview with Ms. Dian Pelangi - Hijab Scarf

Interview with Ms. Dian Pelangi - Hijab ScarfMs. Dian Pelangi

1. Tell us the moment you start wearing hijab?
When I was 4 years old, I went to Islamic primary school that obligates the student to wear hijab. That time I wear hijab only when I go to school. I started to wear hijab full time when I was 9 years old (grade 6). But then I took the hijab off when I was in high school. It is because I went to regular school that most students were not wearing hijab, so I felt kinda weird. However it only took one month to make me realize that I need to cover my head with jilbab. I felt weirder without my hijab on. I felt bald.

2. You are so young starting this business, Fashion Muslim Industry. Tell us the journey of creating your own fashion label?
I started school at 2 years old. After finished junior high school (12 years) I continued to Vocational schools at Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia. I took the clothing major and after that I continued my study to ESMOD Jakarta. Firstly, I planned to study abroad but my parents thought that I am too young for it. I was 16 back then. After finished from ESMOD for a year (17 years), I continued my study to Cairo, Egypt. Right now, I am just continuing my mom's boutique, called Dian Pelangi. She started it first, from nothing. She had no employee. Now, she handles over than 300 employees. People say that it's easy to continue what my mom had started. The truth is it isn't. I think it's easy nor hard. After I handle it, there are always a possibility to be decreased, increased or static. Now I think people can judge what I've done for it :)

3. What do you think about hijabi women in Indonesia compare to other countries?
I think, Indonesia have different style, a unique one. We are brave to follow the trend and break the rules but still "on the line". There is always uniqueness to hijabi women in every country; for example wearing half-length sleeve, showing their fringes, or wearing very tight clothing, then layer it. So we dont break the rules of hijab. That’s why I said 'still on the line'. Other country has their own style, so do we :D

4. We often heard that hijab has almost become a fashion accessory in itself. What do you think about that?
Hijab is not a trend, because hijab doesn't change, and trends are changing every time. Hijab is not an accessory, there are rules we need to follow. Wearing an accessory is not based on the rules, but hijab has it. You should cover up your body, no transparent fabrics, no too-tight dresses or anything similar. The important thing is wearing it from the heart.

5. What is your favorite must item and item that you avoid wearing?
My favorite stuff is high heels. It boosts my confidence up 10 times. The higher, the merrier. My other favorite stuff is a scarf to cover my chest. Stuff that I avoid so much is a tight turtleneck that people use to layer the sleeveless dress or anything similar. In my opinion, it looks like desperately-mixing-things. It’s just an opinion tho.

6. How do you get your inspiration?
From my experience, it depends on my mood. I wear whatever I want to wear .I don’t follow trend :D To get inspiration for my collection, I get it from people around me, magazine, internet, blog, and HijabScarf for sure :D

7. What are your goals in the future?
I really want to make a fast-fashion store like Zara but specifies for Moslem wear. I want to go international. I want every Moslem designer, everyone that may involve in Fashion Moslem and I, to make Indonesia as a Mecca of World Moslem Fashion. I want Moslem fashion to involve at any fashion week abroad. I have so much passion. Last but not least, I want to make my parents proud, everything I do is just to make them proud. That's it. :)


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