Interview with Ms. Ria Miranda - Hijab Scarf

Interview with Ms. Ria Miranda - Hijab ScarfMs. Ria Miranda

1. Tell us the moment you start wearing hijab?
I started wearing hijab since April 2005 after I went for umrah with my family. I feel convenience to wear hijab ever since.

2. Can you describe your style and tell us about your favourite must item?
I love shabby chic style so much! That inspires me to develop my product under the brand of Shabby Chic by Ria Miranda. In terms of color I prefer pale colors such as salmon pink, dusty pink, olive green,etc. My favorite must item is cardigan, because from cardigan we can develop several styles.

3. When did you start falling in love with fashion? How did it all start?
Becoming a designer has always been my dream job ever since childhood. I used to design clothes and some of my friends requested me to design their clothes when I was still in school. After graduating from university, I took fashion course at Esmod Fashion School and I knew that I am passionate about it. Then I had an opportunity to join Noor, a muslimah magazine, as a fashion stylist. From there, I gain enough experience and I started establishing my own business and developing my own brand for a specific segment the young muslimah.

4. You've been around Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia for quite sometime. In your opinion how is muslim fashion industry so far?
Recently, muslim fashion in Indonesia has a potential and a bright future. This is because Indonesia has the largest muslim population. There is also a strong trend among young generation to wear hijab in their daily life. Hijab is becoming a lifestyle among young muslimah. Furthermore, I believe that in the future Indonesia may become one of the centers of moslem fashion in the world.

5. Who is your fav designer?
Favorite designers are Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel and Celine. Inspiring!

6. Is there anything that you avoid to wear since wearing hijab?
When someone wears hijab, as long as there is no violation on Islamic rules and regulation, nothing is to be avoided. I strongly believe that hijab is not a constraint for muslimah in doing daily activities.


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